Completes the first phase of the Samira Project

The first phase of the Samira Project has been completed. The Samira Project 2016 closes its first phase to Empowerment young people from Moroccan origin with great success!

We have done important work on identity with the trainers M’hamed Abdelouahed and Moha Ait Abou. We have worked from a gender perspective on inequality with the trainers Icram Gaddour and Amina Gaddour. And lastly,
we have worked on the self-knowledge of the participants themselves and put alot of interest in equipping them with educational tools with the energizer Ali Ait Yahya and the project coordinator, Istar Montull.

Carles Macian, representative of the Ministry of Equality, Migration and Citizenship of the Generalitat of Catalonia, participated in the closing day of training, while he has been selected to program activities for the social integration of foreign immigrants, non-discrimination and activities to promote equal opportunities through job placement, as well as for the improvement of individual capacity.

Now the project participants begin their practical training in educational institutions that host them voluntarily and allow them to continue with their learning as educational referents in Catalonia.
Carles Macian as representative of the Generalitat, took part in the closing speech of the formations, participators and trainers.



Training to work on the stereotypes


Carles Macian, Charles Maciana representative of the Government making the closing speech training


Participants and trainers

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