House of Love, Baan Saan Rak, Newsletter nº4, 2017

Dear friends of Baan Saan Rak,

It is always a great joy to salute and thanks everyone who have been part and collaborated to Baan Saan Rak (BSR) since our foundation in September 2003. The following Newsletter is the 4th since its creation in 2015, on which we would love to tell everyone about our most relevant projects and activities in the last six months period (October 2016-February 2017). Inside this short magazine you will find photos, stories, activities and be a witness of child´s growth and development, becoming part of their present life and future dreams. We hope you enjoy it and keep supporting us.



BSR is the home of 25 children from 8 to 20 years old, creating a lovely family of brothers and sisters who take care, teach and love each other’s. Most of the children live in the home facilities in Maelao (30 Kms from Chiang Rai), but some others had left to continue their studies in other towns or cities, staying still under BSR care despite the distance. Even though all children come from problematic family situations like extreme poverty, broken parenthoods or suffer any kind of violence abuse, today BSR is a family for them taking care of every needs thanks to the unconditional, tireless and kindliness love and compromise of Jit, mother and model for all of them, but also because of the generous support of BSR´s sponsors and friends who help us with love and economic donations to pay for their scholar membership, cloths, food and daily expenses. Baan Saan Rak or House of Love (translated from Thai language) hold their full custody and protection, giving them love, support and the proper tools to rebuild their self-esteem and faith in future, encouraging their skills, promoting their social incorporation with the same opportunities than any other child.

Seventeen children live today in BSR’s home in Maelao, attending from Monday to Friday to three different schools. In there they learn, share, play and laugh with their class mates, studding hard to get the best chances they can.

The other 8 children live outside BSR’s home but they are still under care and custody of Jit who take responsibility and care of their expenses, school enrollments and fees even though they are living in Bangkok, Chiang Mai or Payao.


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