House of Love, Baan Saan Rak, Newsletter nº5, 2017

Dear friends of Baan Saan Rak,

It is always a great joy to salute everyone who has collaborated and be part of Baan Saan Rak (BSR) since our foundation in September 2003. The following Newsletter is the fifth since its creation in 2015, through which we want to tell you about the most important projects and activities during April to September of this year. Here you can find photos, stories, activities and be a witness of children growth, being part of their present and future. We hope you like it and bring us closer so you can keep supporting us with your love and good heart.



BSR family has suffer many changes in the last few months because of new children arrivals and departures. Today is the home of 29 children between 6 and 20 years old, gathering a lovely family of brothers and sister which take care and teach each other, into an environment of respect and love. Most of children live in the foster home located in (Maelao, 30 Kms south of Chiang Rai), but some others had left to continue their studies. Nevertheless their care and expenses are still covered by BSR despite of the distance. Thanks to that today all children have a family and all their basic needs satisfied as a result of care and absolute compromise of Jit, mother and model for them. Sponsors are also fundamental to finance their studies, meals, cloths and daily needs. Baan Saan Rak or House of Love (translated from Thai) keeps their complete warship and protection, giving them love, support and the necessary tools to rebuild their self-esteem and confidence, fostering their best skills, promoting their integration to society with similar opportunities than any other child.

Pasa la voz