NouSol buys a washing machine for BSR thanks to a donation from ‘Colla Gegantera de la Bisbal de l’Empordà’

La Colla Gegantera de la Bisbal de l’Empordà, Girona, Spain, made a donation to Nousol to buy a big capacity loundry machine for Baan Saan Rak orphanage in Tailand. Every year Colla organize a meeting to cooperate diferent international organizations in need. This year was 20 years with bagpack, supported by GinNut company.

Supporters of Colla and Nousol the day of the donation.

Baasn Saan Rak children live in a small countryside town. School uniforms are white so at the end of the day the uniforms are all green. That is why children have to spend more than one hour a day washing manualy their own school clothes to let them white again. Thanks to this donation children can spend this daily hour doing their homeworks or palying.

Nousol team, Baan Saan Rak and all children say thanks a lot to Colla and GinNut. Khop khun Krap!! (Thank you in Thai)


Children and the new loundry machine.


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