Nousol Supports Building Project in Nepal: New Home for Umesh

NouSol fully supports Julia and Aixel a couple living in Empordà. They were volunteering abroad in projects developed in Nepal right after the 2015 earthquakes. They were part of the Recoop Nepal, collective, supported by NouSol ONG. We provided other organizations with technical and architectural expertise on rebuilding, building or demolition.

They met Umesh during the Shree Sarashwotii Primary School  rebuilding project launched by the NGOs  Don’t Forget Nepal i Hugging Nepal, in the municipality of Kashikhanda, Kavrepalanchok, Nepal.

Umesh is a Nepalese man who lost his house. One of the above-mentioned organizations met him in the Kathmandu displacement camp. During habituation tasks at the displacement camp, Umesh became notable for his skills. He worked as a technician and was in charge of rebuilding several schools.

Julia and Aleix became close friends with Umesh. Since the day they left Nepal, they had in mind the possibility of going back and helping him. Their idea come true they are returning to Nepal in September to pay their friend a visit.

NouSol is grateful to Júlia and Aixel for their involvement and contributions. We support their personal project, providing our structure and experience.

Donations to the project can be made through the Crowdfounding platform  Mi grano de arena on the challenge:

Building a New Home for Umesh (NEPAL)

Translation thanks to Volunteering ONU, Geraldine Granado and Alex Dong.

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