Summary of Aghbala Project 2016

From the 16th of June to the 16th of September we made the so-called Field of Voluntary and Social Work in Aghbala. It was a success of volunteers’ and people’s participation who were able to benefit from the services we offered. Thanks to the Work Field we can serve many people and study the shortage of population. By ant these studies we develop international cooperation in the Middle Atlas. We wish to specially thank all the volunteers team who made the Work Field possible.

Here are the details and photos:


  • 5   participants from the Association of Medical Students of Morocco
  • 35 participants from four different “Cau” groups from Catalonia
  • Monitors: 21 volunteers at the summer school of Aghbala
  • Translators: 12 local volunteers
  • Two coordinators NOUSOL
  • 1 occupational thetapist
  • 1 professional midwife
  • 1 student of medicine
  • 1 professional Doula
  • 7 physiotherapists
  • 2 photographers
  • 2 paediatricians
  • 8 nurses

Total volunteers = 98



  • 1.186 health consultations were about pediatry, neurology, nursing and rehabilitation/self-recovering. 23% more than in 2015
  • 10 disabled children benefited from reduced classes about sensory stimulation

Educational sector:

  • 200 children attended the summer school, 38% more than in 2015


  • 1 disabled child from the Disability Association of Aghbala will be operated for free in Catalonia
  • 5 dry uric acid test to diagnose patients with glutamic acid
  • 7 DNA tests to diagnose patients with neuromuscular genetic diseases
  • Awareness and advice to families affected by rare diseases
  • Study on population reproduction habits of the Middle Atlas
  • A patient’s diagnosis tests with the Gapo syndrome
  • A cooperative project about the control of perinatal in the Middle Atlas



Nursing room


Silvia by a rehabilitation’s user


Dr. Tessie analyzing a brain scanner


Laila by a rehabilitation’s user


Sandra attending a user


Kind of sensory stimulation


Maria massaging a user


Óscar massaging a user


Lourdes massaging a user


Tamara cures a user


Carmen practising a type of sensory stimulation


Scouts of Suria teaching spanish in the summer school


Scouts of Suria teaching spanish in the summer school


Scouts give official shirt to Mustapha

Pasa la voz