Summary of the Guelmim Project 2018, Morocco

NouSol finishes the Volunteer and Social Work Camp of the 2018 Guelmim Project. This project is a continuation of the Aghbala Project, where we tried to eliminate in breeding in the Middle Atlas region since 2012.

We have worked with the Guelmim Defi Disabled Association with the intention of training educators to work with children who have disabilities in central Defi. Different professionals who work in the field of disability in Catalonia and the rest of Spain give the training courses.

We have focused on the group of children with Autism, which represents 40% of the group, 35% of which are results of in breeding.

We rely on the participation of the Pediatrician Doctor Cristina Couceiro, an Autism expert in Argentina who is experienced with children with autism. He plans different courses that educators use to work with children and their parents.

We also rely on the participation of Elna Foundations’s technical coordinator of functional diversity of Girona, Marta Gabarda, who did training to supply tools and strategies to professionals at the center so that family participation is favored and person-centred models can be created.

Apart from the training, we have done work directly with children who have disabilities with professionals from different health fields.

  • 196 children with disability have participated in one of the activities created jointly with the Defi Association.

We have also organized a summer school with the goal of working on social inclusion skills of the children with disability, reserving 30 percent of the places for this goal.   One has to realize that we cannot always guarantee the families’ participation’s due to transportation problems and individual situations within different families. We have organized the School with NouSol Association in Morocco.

300 children have participated in one of the activities in the summer school.

There are also volunteers who participated in the Guelmim Project:

  •     20 local volunteers
  •     13 volunteers from the public health field
  •      8 volunteers from the education field
  •      10 members of the Guelmim Scout Group
  •      37 members from 5 Catalonia Scout Groups
  •      2  NouSol Coordinators + 2 Moroccan coordinators

TOTAL = 93 volunteers

Finally, we also cleaned an oasis and a local natural place with the Guelmim Scout.

Translation thanks to Volunteering ONU, Alex Dong.

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