Re-opening of the Tié Day Center’s for Children and Adolescents of Bobo-Dioulasso Street

We present the monthly report of the re-opening of the Tié Day Center’s project for children and adolescents of Bobo-Dioulasso street, Burkina Faso. This project is supported by Girona’s City Hall.

During the first quarter of the year, we identified and developed the project with Tié Association, our local counterpart and the center’s proprietor. In the second quarter, we presented the project to various national and international organizations in order to obtain the necessary resources in the benefit of its re-opening. In the third quarter, the reopening was set to assist 25 clients on a daily basis. The center officially re-opened on Monday August 13. It has had an average visit of:

  • 13 youngsters daily, during the opening days of the month of August.
  • The minimum attendance was of 5 youngsters on Tuesday, August 28.
  • The maximum attendance was of 28 youngsters on Monday, August 13.

The average attendance has been low due to rainy season and heavy rainfalls which prevented many clients from reaching the center.

People who have visited Tié Center:

  • 87 children and/or adolescents.
  • Between 10-18 years of age, some of which have come to attend a maximum of 11 days and a minimum of 1 day.

Each new client gets a new file with all personal data filled out in the form. We try to contact family members, for those who have them — in an attempt to start reconciliation — only in cases when this is possible.

During the entire month of August, we have held sessions of emotional stimulation headed by trainer, Pablo Gavilan Briales. These were two hour sessions with the participation of 16 clients and 5 of the center’s teachers. Pablo and the teachers have been working with non-verbal dynamics to increase individual self confidence and of the group, to help them communicate their own’s life narrative. This therapy continues during the month of September so that teachers can continue the development of these dynamics.

Translation thanks to Volunteering ONUC.Peggy Atoche, Diana Drwish and Alex Dong.


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