🇬🇧 🏠 Newsletter nº10 of Baan Saan Rak, house of love, Thailand


​To start this Newsletter, we would like to greet everyone who has cooperated and become part of our foster home since our foundation in September 2003. The following Newsletter is the 10th since its creation in 2015, on which we would like to tell all the readers some news and our most important activities and projects between October 2019 and March 2020. On this pages you will find photos, stories and short articles about BSR life, becoming a witness of children and family growth, being part of their presents. We hope you like it and keep supporting us.

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​In November, we had a great surprise because Mochita Saekuy arrived to our home. Our little new sister is 7 years old and comes from a Lahu* native community located in the northern hills of Muang Chiang Rai province. We always feel very happy each time our family grows, that’s why we welcome every child with open arms and warm hug because we know they need support and tons of love. We enjoy welcoming girls and boys of every age, teach them all what we know and give them an environment of love and protection where they can grow healthy. Only that way they can build their own path with the values and tools we learn together along the way. The innocent and kind look of our children give us energy and strength to keep going every day, happy to walk all the path together.
Welcome Mochita!! We certainly will do this place your home and family, and make you feel comfortable surrounded by love and smiles.

Pasa la voz