Welcome to the NouSol Socio-educational Association department. 

We work nationally in Catalonia on socio-educational programs centred on the inclusion and personal and communal development of vulnerable, marginalised or socially-excluded groups.

One of our main activities is to create different socio-educational programs, focusing on inclusion, training and empowerment for personal and communal development. This development is as much for Europeans of different backgrounds as it is for vulnerable, marginalised or socially-excluded groups.

We as NouSol want to create links between projects of international cooperation that we are carrying out in different countries, and people who have migrated to Europe in search of better living conditions. On one hand, we want to involve these people in existing difficult situations in their places of origin, as well as involving their children, born on European soil, to bring them closer to the reasons why their parents decided to emigrate.

Thanks to our work abroad, we are aware of the cultural and typical features of many newcomers, residents or Catalans of different backgrounds. These groups are obviously unprotected and end up suffering all kinds of social injustices.

We also give support to professionals in education, social and medical sectors, who want to develop their own projects in areas in which they are experts. NouSol will provide the framework and its own experience to drive such projects.

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Volunteering ONU, Alastair Innes



A service that aims to socially include people with a mental health problem or disorder, through recreational weekend breaks, leisure and cultural interest.


It aims to train and empower educational referents of different origins and facilitate the work of referent educators within an educational entity.


It sets up a network of relationships, knowledge of other areas and dynamics between children with families of other origins and children and / or indigenous volunteers, for mutual intercultural enrichment.


Promotes the inclusion, training and empowerment of children and their families in the neighborhoods of Santa Eugenia de Ter and Teixidors of Girona, Neighborhood and the Old District of Salt through a school reinforcement service for the schools in these neighborhoods.


Office and postal address, located at office nº11, at the Hotel d'Entitats de Girona, located at:

Carrer de la Rutlla 20-22, 17002, Girona

Make an appointment by phone (August closed): + 34 693·720·868


Office located at the office nº B-4, at the Hotel de Entidades de Salt, located at:

Carrer Sant Dionis, nº42, 17190, Salt

Make an appointment by phone (August closed): +34 693·720·868


+34 693.720.868

+34 872.099.742

+34 678.299.926